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Outside Adventure Film School

GoPro Mountain Games

GoPro Mountain Games
June 4 - 11, 2014

Enjoy VIP filmmaker access at the GoPro Mountain Games, the country's largest celebration of adventure sports, art and music. Professional and amateur athletes from around the world converge upon the mountains and rivers of Vail to compete in nine sports and 25 disciplines for more than $100,000 in prize money.


Veterans Film School 2014

Veterans Adventure Film School
July 7 - 17, 2014

Are you a veteran or active service member? Come explore one of Washington's most beautiful mountain ranges: the North Cascades. From cascading waters, alpine meadows, and jagged granite peaks, join our team of leading film & mountain guide professionals to create your own short film.

Blue Earth

Visual Storytelling for Cause-Driven Media Workshop
Coming September 2014

Outside Adventure Film School is teaming up with Seattle's Blue Earth & Collaboration for Cause 2014 Workshop! Join us for a hands-on filmmaking/photography 3 day experience and learn new skills from industry mentors.

Registration opens soon!


How does all this work, anyways?

1) Find the best film school for you and sign up!

2) Develop your storyline and film script.

3) Shoot your footage in amazing outdoor locations.

4) Edit your film and showcase your work.

And did we mention: Expert film instruction every step of the way, VIP guest instructors, welcome dinner, sponsor gift sets, and a student film festival open to the public with drinks, appetizers, and networking. READ MORE...

AFS Reel

Past Students
Ryan Van Duzer Ryan Van Duzer
Colorado Backcountry 2012

Outside Adventure Film School special guest student Ryan Van Duzer captured the adventure in classic Duzer style. Duzer Duz the Colorado Backcountry is funny, easy to like and entertaining.

See it here...

Film School Student As the ultimate hands-on filmmaking experience, the Outside Adventure Film School provides innovative instruction from story conception to the big screen. We choose the most energizing places and exciting events as our classrooms, and share our passion for filmmaking with students of all ages and levels. Past student films have aired on television, screened at film festivals and won awards.

Our Adventure Film School instructors are the best in the industry, specializing in extreme adventure filmmaking and wielding cameras in the world's most intense environments. They share a common interest in telling stories with meaning, and are masters at weaving tales to stir the soul and challenge the body. The crew is led by Michael Brown, who has made films on all seven continents and is hailed by many as America's finest high-altitude filmmaker.

"At the end of the school, every student emerges with a solid short film and the tools necessary to take their filmmaking to whichever horizon they seek. That's untouchable." --- Karen Malmqvist

Behind the Scenes

A behind the scenes look at the Teva Mountain Games

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Production Manual

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